Over the past 23 years, Millennium has become a market leader in the aviation industry. Our core strengths include a pan India presence in over 70 airports and with global reach through overseas OEMs and strategic partners.

In order to keep Indian Airports operational, we have a well-trained team of maintenance engineers available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Millennium is Bureau of Civil Aviation Security cleared.

Today, Millennium's Airports and Aviation division provides customers with high-quality aviation products and sound expertise including Ground Support Equipment, Airport Infrastructure Equipment, Aviation Fuelling, MRO, IT Automation Systems, Aircraft Engineering and Tooling Systems, Aviation Consultancy Services, and Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Support under its Airports and Aviation division.

We provide a full range of maintenance, repair, and overhaul equipment and services. In addition, we are able to manage your requirements on a turn-key basis for large-scale projects. The association between our company and reputed manufacturers of infrastructure and equipment allows us to assist you with all aspects of your project for Airlines, Airports, Ground Handling Companies, Hangars and MRO’s.

Products supported by Millennium Aero Dynamics Private Limited in the Airports & Aviation sector include but not limited to Ground Support Equipment, Air Conditioning units, Air Starters, Baggage Tractors, Belt Loaders, Conventional Aircraft Tractors, Ground Power Units, Lavatory and Water Trucks, Loaders, Passenger Steps, Towbarless Aircraft Tractors, ETV & Storage Systems, Aerobridges / Passenger Boarding Bridges, ARFF Vehicles, Bridge Mounted GPU & PCA units, Aviation Fuelling , UV Air filtration Systems, Aircraft Rotables, Tripod jacks, Towbars, Axle jacks and Aircraft Maintenance Tooling, Aircraft Recovery Equipment, Aircraft Wheel & Brake Servicing Equipment, Airport Trolley Management Systems, Electrical vehicles , etc.