Design and Engineering

Drawings, Validation, Documentation, Cost Reduction

Local Sourcing and Supply

Indigenization and Quality Control

Marketing and Sales

Awareness, Research, Trade Fairs, Demo’s, Communication


Fabrication, Machining and Assembly

Project Management

Logistics, Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Life Cycle Support

Warranty Management, AMC’s, Spares, Operation Management, Training, Refurbishment, Upcycling

Our team (900+) is present in India with offices in 12 cities; technical teams at 75+ airports and 3 shipyards. We currently have 2 factories in India.

Millennium’s Manufacturing Capabilities

With 4 manufacturing locations in Mumbai, Vizag, Cochin and Bangalore, Millennium provides a wide range of manufacturing services to our customers.

  • Customized Hulls for Warship and Submarine
  • Heli Safety Nets
  • HVAC systems for Mining and Construction Equipment
  • Radar Transparent Material Items
  • Customized Infrared and Heat Signature reduction solutions for aircraft and ships

In addition to this, Millennium can assist foreign OEM’s with their indigenization requirements by being responsible for Transfer of Technology, local manufacturing and IP protection for our partners.