Brief outline on CSR Policy of the Company

Millennium Aero Dynamics Private Limited (Company) believes in promoting and providing education to the children in rural parts of the country. Along with education,Company also believes in promoting sports in rural areas, providing and promoting vocational skills to the entrepreneurs in rural areas, promoting self-employment and development of cottage industries in such rural areas. The company has made contributions to various socially useful projects. The Boardof Directors of Company, in order to have a structured approach towards CSR, has formulated CSR Policy as prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules notified there under by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.Accordingly, the companyhas CSR Policy (the Policy) duly approved by the Board of Directors with aview to provide a mechanism for meeting its social responsibility in an effective manner and to provide optimum benefits to various deserving sectionsof the society.

Renovation of O. P. Zatakia High School, Gopalgram

Company along with the trust is on a mission to restore, renovate andmodernize the school and surrounding area, yet fully and consciously retainingthe rustic ecosystem even as it develops to match or surpass the education imparted in any other part of the modern world.

The school is currently being refurbished and upgraded to provide children living in Gopalgram and the surrounding villages a more state of theart facility to obtain an education at.

Further details of the school can be found at https://opzatakiaschool.org/index.php.

Construction of School Building of Kai. Anant Banyaba Deorukhar High School, Tural

Company has contributed towards Construction of new upgraded School Building which is dedicated to girls education in the Ratnagiri District.