Current Openings

  • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Setting the requirements for raw materials from suppliers and monitoring their compliance.
    • Overseeing product development procedures to identify any deviations from quality standards.
    • Inspecting the final output, comparing it to the requirements, and approving or rejecting the final products.
    • Maintain proper records of quality test, procedures and standards.

    Quality Control Manager Requirements:

    • Strong attention to detail, observation, organizational.
    • In-depth knowledge of quality control procedures and legal standards.
    • Excellent communication and listening skills.
    • Good technical


    • 8D reports,
    • CAPA,
    • COPQ,
    • Inspection reports,
    • QAEM,
    • PPAP,
    • QRQC,
    • Ishikawa,
    • 5why,
    • FTA

    We would also need a junior quality representative with salary in the range of 20-30K per month based on experience. Minimum qualification Diploma.