Light & Power Accessories (LPA) was founded 1908

Their customers include Airlines, Airports, Cargo Airlines, Ground Handlers, and Military organizations all around the world.

LPA Group Plc is a specialist in design, build & supply of LED lighting, electrical connectors/connector systems, and high performance electrical components. LPA provides high quality cost-effective solutions to improve reliability, reduce maintenance and minimise life cycle costs for the rail, aerospace, defence, aircraft support, infrastructure, marine and industrial markets throughout the world.

With exports to over 50 countries and 500+ customers world wide. LPA caters to following markets such as rail, aviation, industrial and infrastructure. LPA is equipped with bespoke facility with high investment in capabilities.

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Shenzhen CIMC-TianDa Airport Support Ltd.(CIMC-TianDa) is one of the subsidiaries of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC).

It is a professional enterprise in the design, development, manufacture, installation, and maintenance services of airport & seaport equipment, modern automated material handling solutions and technology, and auto-parking systems.

Millennium provides Product Support & Service for the Passenger Boarding Bridges and has successfully worked on projects with CIMC - Tianda at multiple airports in India.

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Oshkosh is the global leader in the sale of high performance specialty trucks and truck bodies.

Oshkosh Corporation designs and builds the world's toughest specialty trucks and truck bodies and access equipment by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who use them.

Oshkosh Corporation is a U.S.-based global manufacturer with a significant manufacturing presence in the U.S., Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Oshkosh currently sells products in more than 130 countries around the globe.

Products include STRIKER Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle (ARFF), STINGER Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV), Mobile Command Posts, Mobile Command Patrol Vehicles, Mobile Medical Vehicles, and Communications Vehicles. The Striker range of ARFF vehicles from Oshkosh are considered as Porsche 959 of fire trucks!

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The largest provider of Ground Fuelling Products and Services worldwide for commercial and military aircraft and tanker refuelling, the AVERY HARDOLL and WHITTAKER Controls brand names are synonymous with fuelling equipment.

Both Avery Hardoll and Whittaker Controls command World-wide reputation for their simplicity in design, quality and long trouble free service life.

Team MILLENNIUM is proud to be associated with MEGGITT Fuelling Products as their Product Support and service providers for INDIA, MYANMAR, BANGLADESH and SRI LANKA.

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Millennium is an exclusive distributor of KUNZ in India and provides all the local support like Installation, Commissioning and After Sales Support for their equipments.

Kunz Gmbh Aircraft Equipment, established in 1987, is the leading supplier of Aircraft Recovery Equipment and Aircraft Wheel and Brake Servicing Equipment.

The use of KUNZ Aircraft Equipment lessens the downtime of the airport in case of any incidents and it also reduces the risk of secondary damage to recoverable aircraft to a minimum.

KUNZ has the expertise to plan, designand deliver complete production lines for Wheel and Brake service and overhaul, based on a state-of-the-art lean work flow concept.

Due to its recovery know-how and experience,KUNZ offers the wide range of specially designed Aircraft Recovery Equipment. Each equipment has been carefully designed and engineered to meet the airport and aircraft operators requirements.

KUNZ sets standards with leading edge technology for aircraft wheel & brake service and overhaul. KUNZ Aircraft Wheel and Brake Shop Equipmentis in use with all major airlines and MRO's around the world and is well poised to look after all of India's Disabled Aircraft Recovery Kit needs.

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Millennium has partnered with SACO Airport Equipment based in Mierlo, The Netherlands.

SACO Airport Equipment (SACO) is renowned worldwide as an experienced organisation which is specialized in the development, production and delivery of air cargo handling and storage systems.

Millennium will be providing installation, commissioning and operational expertise to SACO Airport Equipment B.V. for their range of air cargo handling and storage systems.

SACO's extensive portfolio is filled with solutions in the area of air cargo handling. Ranging from conveyor decks, truck docks, dolly docks, build-up break-down workstations, weighing systems, multi-level storage systems incorporating (elevating) transfer vehicles, to complex control systems and overall Material Handling Software and management IT-systems.

Millennium have sold an Air Cargo Handling System to MGH Group a logistics company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Millennium's team has provided in country Installation, Commissioning & Service Support to SACO in Dhaka for this project.

Millennium hadalsobeen involved in 24 x 7 Operations and Maintenance of the ETV Cargo System at NSCBI Airport, Kolkata.

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AviaVoxis a leading provider of Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines. The company has developed a phoneme technology with which a remarkably high level of guaranteed natural speech in many languages can be generated. The quality is unique in the world and cannot be distinguished from a human voice.

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The Watmizer™
“UVGI System for AHU of HVAC for Power Saving and Indoor Air Quality”
Watmizer is UVGI Systems to be installed in the Air handling Unit of HVAC. It is use to overcome Deteriorating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Increased Electrical Consumption due to the growth of algae, mold etc. on cooling coil due to condensation of moisture from passing ambient air, this leads to Sick Building Syndrome.The UV reduces the risk of airborne bacterias & viruses (covid, TB, H1N1 etc). This growth results in resistance to the air flow and reduces the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling coil; hence resulting in increased electrical consumption of the HVAC system. UVGI thereby stops the growth mold & fungus thereby keeping the cooling coil clean.

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ITW GSE is a proud division of Illinois Tool Works. ITW GSE enjoy a global market-leading position producing ground power and pre-conditioned air units as well as supplying cables and hoses.

ITW GSE is a leading supplier of 400 Hz and 28 VDC Ground Power Units (GPUs) to the airport industry with roots stretching back nearly 100 years.

With an in-depth knowledge of the Ground Support Equipment industry, ITW GSE combines customer-back innovation to develop and deliver 400Hz and 28 VDC power solutions that are tailored to your needs. As a result, you get cleaner and more reliable ground support systems that improve the working environment for your staff and increase the efficiency of your operations.

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