Through an extensive Worldwide Sales and Service network, TLD provides its customers a complete range of ground support equipment, designed and assembled in the groups industrial sites located on several continents.

Their customers include Airlines, Airports, Cargo Airlines, Ground Handlers, and Military organizations all around the world.

TLD offers a wide range of Ground Support Equipment, consistently reviewed by their engineering teams in order to assure evolution, meeting and adapting to their customers specific requirements. Performance as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs continuously drive their engineering efforts.

Products include Air Conditioning units, Air Starters, Apron Bus, Baggage Tractors, Belt Loaders, Catering Trucks and Derivatives, Conventional Aircraft Tractors, Ground Power Units, Lavatory and Water Trucks, Loaders, Maintenance Platforms, Military, Passenger Steps, Towbarless Aircraft Tractors, Trailers and Dollies, Transporters

TLD has been a partner with Millennium for over two decades.

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Hydro is the world's leading manufacturer of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) like Tripod jacks, Towbars, Axle jacks and Maintenance Tooling.

Hydro's global organization of more than 350 employees is fully committed to meet the demanding needs of the market with high quality products and outstanding service.

Hydro closely works with customers that are located in more than 170 countries to help them define and achieve their business and technical goals. Their far-reaching commitment to research and development, combined with the skills of well-qualified employees, ensures total customer satisfaction. This has been appreciated by more than 700 customers worldwide.

Axle Jacks, Tripod Jacks, Tow Bars, Tail Support Stanchions, Weighing and Testing Systems, Service Equipment, Landing Gear Equipment, Shoring Equipment, Engine Handling Equipment, Equipment for Nitrogen/ Oxygen Tyre and Brake Change, Proof Load Testing Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance Toolings.

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Millennium has been authorized to exclusively offer, sell and deliver Deutz genuine spare parts and provide technical services to users of Deutz engines in the aviation and airport sector.

Founded in 1864, Deutz AG is the worlds first engine company. Today, Deutz is still one of the worlds leading independent engine manufacturers. They offer a broad spectrum of liquid-cooled and air-cooled engines with capacities ranging from 25 kW to 520 kW, which are used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, aviation and ships.

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Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt Ltd. is DANA Spicer aftermarket OFF Highway products Service Partner for the Western Region. We provide aftersales support for all the DANA products supplied against the brand of SPICER / VECTOR REINZ / GRAZZIANO / TM4 such as repair, warranty management & spares support. Dana is a global leader in drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems.

Dana delivers mobile drivetrain and motion solutions for construction, agriculture, material handling, mining, and forestry equipment, as well as motion systems for a wide variety of mobile and stationary industrial applications. These customized solutions support vehicles and machines with both conventional and electrified power sources and are designed to deliver innovative technologies that meet customer demands and goals worldwide.

Dana India having total 18 plants in India.

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Millennium is in exclusive representation agreement with Sage Parts International for their portfolio of aftermarket GSE spares for the Indian Territory.

Sage Parts is the world market leader in replacement parts for ground support equipment. Through their extensive inventory of GSE replacement parts, Sage Parts for over 50 years, has been an unparalleled supplier of GSE parts to a broad customer base including the largest international carriers to the smallest regional airlines as well as freight carriers, package companies, ground handling companies and many other aviation companies around the world. It strives continuously to offer services to its client by increasing the availability of every part used in GSE and is constantly increasing its inventory. Whether it be hoses for ACU or cable wire for GPU.

Millennium has remained a front-runner in Ground Support Equipment business in India and through its strategic partnership with Sage Parts, it now becomes the only company in India providing a 360 degree service portfolio right from the supply of GSE, spares and logistics support to long term service and maintenance support.

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Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt Ltd. is ZF's aftermarket Service Partner for the Aviation Sector / Off-Highway Systems. We will provide ZFs after market services such as repair, warranty management & spares support.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG, also known asZF Group, and commonly abbreviated toZF(ZF = "Zahnradfabrik" = "Gear Factory"), is a German transmission manufacturer headquartered in Friedrichshafen in the south-west German region of Baden-Wrttemberg.

Specialising in engineering, it is primarily known for its design,research and development and manufacturing activities in the automotive industry. It is a worldwide supplier of driveline and chassis technology for cars and commercial vehicles, along with special purpose equipment. It is also involved in rail, marine, defence and aviation industries, as well as general industrial applications.

ZF has 230 production locations in 40 countries with approximately 138,000 employees.

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Smart Airport Systems (SAS), an Alvest Group Company, strives for excellence in its mission to providesustainable solutions for aviation. Its three major objectives are the generation of fuel savings to Airlines, the reduction of noise and polluting emissions and operational efficiency at Airports. SAS innovative products,incorporate the latest unique technologies in the aviation industry, enabling Airlines and Airports to improve their operational efficiencies, whilst pavingthe way for a greener future.

Solutions include the

  • TaxiBot -a semi-robotic hybrid towing vehicle designed for taxiing airplanes from the boarding gate to the takeoff runway without the use of jet engine power.
  • Tracteasy - the first Autonomous Electric Baggage Tractor for airport and industrial operations.

NORDIC DINO is a world-leading manufacturer of exterior aircraft cleaning robots, serving airlines and ground handlers across the commercial and military sectors. With 40 years of experience, NORDIC DINO’s advanced, computerized, and self-contained systems ensure safe and efficient exterior aircraft cleaning processes that help reduce costs by optimizing fuel consumption, automating operations, and reducing environmental impact through smart resource usage.

The company’s modern hi-tech facility is home to a dedicated team of specialists and experts who oversee the manufacture and development of hundreds of innovative robots sold to customers worldwide. The newest version of the robot can perform 450 washes annually, reducing 91 hours of wash time on an Airbus A380 model and decreasing ground and maintenance time by 3 times on typical commercial aircraft. Nordic Dino’s robots can be found in action across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

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