Red Dot Corporation Joins Forces with Indias Millennium Aero Dynamics Private Limited to Expand Mobile HVAC Production Globally

Seattle, USA; Ipswich, England; Mumbai, India

Red Dot has announced the next phase in its longstanding partnership with Millennium Aero Dynamics, a leading distributor of heavy-duty equipment to Indias aviation, mining and marine industries. While Millennium Aero Dynamics has been a valuable global distribution partner to Red Dot for more than 30 years, the company will now also manufacture Red Dot products for distribution throughout India and South Asia.

The new manufacturing venture, Millennium Red Dot Private Limited, positions Red Dot to expand its global footprint by dramatically increasing the accessibility of high-quality HVAC products across the South Asian market.

Millennium has long served as a trusted partner in our goal to provide quality heavy-duty mobile HVAC solutions to markets beyond Europe and North America, said Andy Elshaw, managing director of Red Dot Europe. Im excited for this next step in our partnership, which will enable Red Dot to reach more customers in markets across South Asia while streamlining our global supply chain.

Millennium Aero Dynamics has operated as a trustworthy service provider to the Indian aviation, mining and marine industries for more than three decades. It currently operates with over 700 team members and has successfully engaged in more than 15,000 HVAC equipment installations across India.

“Red Dot has been a trusted supplier to Millennium India for almost four decades now. It is a realization of a dream to license and manufacture Red Dots HVAC products in India to meet the growing demand in our Indian and global markets, in which we serve and support thousands of customers,” said Milan Zatakia, chairman of Millennium Red Dot Private Limited. We are glad to have reached an agreement on what we mutually believe is a natural progression in our long-term relationship.”

India has consistently shown a high demand for our heavy-duty HVAC products and our continued partnership with Millennium has been the biggest factor towards our success in this market, Elshaw continued. Amplifying our partnership by including manufacturing is a welcome next step, offering clear benefits to both organizations and to the customers and distributors we serve.

Red Dots range of industrial mobile HVAC units for transport and heavy machinery is unparalleled in the market. With heating and cooling solutions developed for trucking, agriculture, industrial and construction applications, all Red Dot units and parts are built to last in any demanding environment.

Not only does Red Dot design and manufacture complete HVAC units and kits for rooftops, trailers and cabins, it is also a full-line distributor of condensers, compressors, filters, thermostats, switches, fans and many other replacement parts for OE units.