MANTIS, Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse System (ASIST), Recovery Assist, Secure and Traverse System (RAST), Cable Handling Systems.

Underway Replenishment Systems, Fuelling at Sea Systems, Deck Machinery, Offshore Equipment, Integrated Control Systems.

Aircraft Elevators, Cargo and Ammunition Lifts and Loading Systems, Boat Launch and Recovery Systems, Accommodation Ladders.

Industrial filters, filtration equipment, water separation and fluid distribution.

Deck Machinery, Offshore Cranes, Winches, Hydraulic Systems, Cable Reels, A-FRAMES, Deck Outfitting and Special Equipments.

Blasting & Painting Chambers, Dry Ice Blasting.

Helicopter Hangar Door, Rigid Inflatable Boat Davit, RCS Screen, Bow/Stern Ramp, Submarine Hatch Cover & Marine Cranes.

RAS / FAS Equipment, Safety Net & Stanchions, Deck fittings, Aircraft Crash Dolly, Automated Flight Deck Safety Net , Tie down, Lashing Arrangement , Rescue basket.