With the acquisition of C4 Fabricators Pvt Ltd in 2010, Millennium entered the Defence,Aerospaceand Marine Industry. With the various happenings in India's Marine Industry, Millennium is all geared up to meet its growing requirements. Currently, Services offered under Millennium Marine Division include:

  • Installation, Refurbishment and refit of Electricals and Instrumentation and Deck Machinery
  • Replacement and Refit of Engines, Rudder and Rudder Stock for Naval & Indian Coast Guard Vessels
  • Installation of Electricals, Instruments and Machinery
  • Removal/Repair/Refits, renewal, modification, installation, erection, alignment overhaul mechanical Equipment on-board ship/submarines
  • Repairs, overhauling/refurbishment/modification of all types of oil, high pressure oil hydraulic system/equipment for ships/submarines
  • Manufacturing of hydraulic systems for some types of application for weapon, naval ships/submarines.
  • Supply of Diving Equipment
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and commissioning of shipyard infrastructure.

Products and Services Offered

PaR Marine group has a long legacy of providing engineered equipment andsystems for Defence, commercial, and industrial applications. PaR Marinefocuses on providing marine customers with specialty equipment, cargo handlingsystems, and deck machinery while combining its strong engineering withcomprehensive heavy fabrication capabilities.

PaR's knowledge and experience form the basis of their corecapabilities, which include:

Programand Project Management

In-HouseEngineering Services



HighestLevel of Integrator Experience

Systems,Process, and Quality Expertise

Full-service Equipment Experts


solutions offered