Our skilled production and manufacturing team is a healthy mix of Engineers, Supervisors, Project Leaders, Electricians, Platers,Welders, Fitters, Grinders, and general technicians. Millennium is thus geared to provide a broad range of offset services to support the Prime Ministers "Make in India" program.

Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. as a Solutions Provider can provide the following services:

1. Machining & Fabrication, Manufacturing of Sub-assemblies & Components

2. Strategic Sourcing, Technology Transfer and Regulatory Compliance Management Solutions

3. CAD / CAM Product Design, Testing, Validation and Documentation

4. Software Development, Testing and Program validation

5. Indigenization of product and technologies to bring down costs whilst protecting IPR

Additionally, Millennium as an Offset Solutions Provider can:

  • Be involved in development of an appropriate strategy / Strategic Alliances (synergizing core competencies) based on evolved opportunity mapping
  • Offer advisory services as Offset facilitating agency, in terms of offset management, liquidation plan, incentive factors/ multipliers, banking, monitoring and documentation throughout offset obligation life cycle
  • Advise on Contract Management for Direct and Indirect Offsets

Products and Services Offered

Millennium Manufacturing Division - under its Sub division - Heavy Fabrication and Shipbuilding (formerly known as C4 Fabricators Pvt Ltd.) has been engaged in the shipbuilding industry for the past 28 years under various entities.

During all these years, we have established ourselves as one of the credible sub-contractors in the shipbuilding and heavy engineering fabrication industry in India, delivering quality output and endeavoring on-time completion whenever called upon.

In addition, the we also undertook civil works awarded by Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin Port Trust and Dubai Port. Today, C4 Fabricators has work sites at Mazagon Dock Limited and Hindustan Shipyard Limited.

The division has a current capacity to manufacture 200 to 250 Tons per month consisting of Hull units, Hatch Covers, Accommodations, Panels, Blocks, etc.

We manufacture in accordance to third party inspection agencies such as ABS , LRS, IRS, DNV and also as per Naval, Coastguard and Shipyard specific requirements.

We are certified under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System by RINA.


  • Installation, Refurbishment and refit of Electricals and Instrumentation and Deck Machinery
  • Replacement and Refit of Engines, Rudder and Rudder Stock for Naval & Indian Coast Guard Vessels
  • Installation of Electricals, Instruments and Machinery
  • Removal/Repair/Refits, renewal, modification, installation, erection, alignment overhaul mechanical Equipments onboard ship/submarines
  • Hull Units, Blocks and Panel Fabrication for all types of Aircraft Carriers, Naval Vessels, Tankers, Bulk and Product Carriers
  • Fabrication and Steel Renewal of Hull and internal Structures of Submarines
  • All types of Marine, repairs, fabrication, plating, renewal of shell plates, Hatches & Doors, Offshore Rig Structures, Raw Water Towers
  • Fabrication of Goliath Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Tower and Jib Cranes, Movable Sheds etc.
  • Erection of Paint Assembly Booths for Shipyards
  • Refurbishment & Steel Renewals including Steel Plating, Deck Stiffening, Ballast Tanks Renewals, Hatch Covers, Piping, Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems
  • Fabrication and Repair/ Renewal of Boiler Intake and Uptake for Indian Coast Guard Vessels
  • Repairs, overhauling/refurbishment/modification of all types of oil, high pressure oil hydraulic system/equipment for ships/submarines
  • Removal/Repairs/replacement of electrical items/systems on board ships/ Submarines including removal/installation/alignment of electrical machines, repairs and refurbishment of Electro-Pneumatic Control Panel and associate Components
  • Manufacturing of hydraulic systems and hydraulic actuators for some types of application for weapon, naval ships/submarines.

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