Our skilled production and manufacturing team is a healthy mix of Engineers, Supervisors, Project Leaders, Electricians, Platers,Welders, Fitters, Grinders, and general technicians. Millennium is thus geared to provide a broad range of offset services to support the Prime Ministers "Make in India" program.

Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. as a Solutions Provider can provide the following services:

1. Machining & Fabrication, Manufacturing of Sub-assemblies & Components

2. Strategic Sourcing, Technology Transfer and Regulatory Compliance Management Solutions

3. CAD / CAM Product Design, Testing, Validation and Documentation

4. Software Development, Testing and Program validation

5. Indigenization of product and technologies to bring down costs whilst protecting IPR

Additionally, Millennium as an Offset Solutions Provider can:

  • Be involved in development of an appropriate strategy / Strategic Alliances (synergizing core competencies) based on evolved opportunity mapping
  • Offer advisory services as Offset facilitating agency, in terms of offset management, liquidation plan, incentive factors/ multipliers, banking, monitoring and documentation throughout offset obligation life cycle
  • Advise on Contract Management for Direct and Indirect Offsets

Products and Services Offered

In 2010, Millennium designed, manufactured and successfully delivered demountable Nitrogen trolleys to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

The fixed trolley is designed to carry 2 cylinders (other carrying options/configurations available) mounted on a cylinder cradle, which simplifies loading, and unloading of cylinders.

A welded frame chassis made from square steel section with resilient paint, supported by four road wheels mounted units and is provided with reflectors to the rear and sides of the chassis. Steering is via the front wheels mounted on a sealed turntable.

A simple to operate Nitrogen panel is mounted in the waist height cabinet which contains: stop valves, pressure gauges and regulators to control the gas flow. The output side of the regulator(s) are each connected to hose mounted on the chassis.

High and low pressure Nitrogen or Oxygen system incorporating safety features, high performance pneumatic system with safe stowage retractable hose reels, integral single point charging system with safe to use coupling.

Usage: Aircraft tires are filled with nitrogen because nitrogen gas is mostly inert, meaning that it requires more energy to react with other substances. This is important because at elevated temperatures, oxygen can react with rubber. Oxidized rubber is weaker than non-oxidized rubber, and weaker tires are not preferred.

Oxygen diffuses through rubber much faster than nitrogen. This means that tires filled with 95% nitrogen (the standard percentage of nitrogen gas for inflation purposes) will maintain pressure longer. This leads to less maintenance, which lowers costs.

Apart from the safety concerns, tire fragments can cause damage to the aircraft structure, get sucked into the engine, and almost definitely cause undo stress on the landing gear due to uneven loading. Loss of a tire can even cause excess loading on the other tires of the landing gear and require the other tires to be replaced regardless of condition.

So in short, tires are filled with nitrogen for safety and to save money.

The demountable Nitrogen trolley is designed to carry 2 cylinders mounted on a cylinder cradle, which simplifies loading and unloading of cylinders and eliminates manual handling.


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