Our skilled production and manufacturing team is a healthy mix of Engineers, Supervisors, Project Leaders, Electricians, Platers,Welders, Fitters, Grinders, and general technicians. Millennium is thus geared to provide a broad range of offset services to support the Prime Ministers "Make in India" program.

Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. as a Solutions Provider can provide the following services:

1. Machining & Fabrication, Manufacturing of Sub-assemblies & Components

2. Strategic Sourcing, Technology Transfer and Regulatory Compliance Management Solutions

3. CAD / CAM Product Design, Testing, Validation and Documentation

4. Software Development, Testing and Program validation

5. Indigenization of product and technologies to bring down costs whilst protecting IPR

Additionally, Millennium as an Offset Solutions Provider can:

  • Be involved in development of an appropriate strategy / Strategic Alliances (synergizing core competencies) based on evolved opportunity mapping
  • Offer advisory services as Offset facilitating agency, in terms of offset management, liquidation plan, incentive factors/ multipliers, banking, monitoring and documentation throughout offset obligation life cycle
  • Advise on Contract Management for Direct and Indirect Offsets

Products and Services Offered

In the wakeof the global pandemic, Millennium has worked with its partners Aeropure to design,develop and manufacture solutions for airports and hotels for sanitization.

Thesusceptibility of viruses to ultraviolet (UV) light has traditionally beendefined in terms of the UV rate constant, also called a Z value, which is theslope of the survival curve on a logarithmic scale. The UV rate constant refersto either broad range UV in the UVB/UVC spectrum (200-320 nm) or, morecommonly, to narrow-band UVC near the 253.7 nm wavelength.

TheMillennium UV Tunnel for Trolley Disinfection delivers a dosage of 32.1millijoules/ sq.cm in 20 seconds which is enough to kill over 90% of allmicrobes, bacteria and viruses.

The StellarUV Disinfection Tower for area disinfection delivers a dosage of 22.6millijoules/sq.cm. in 30 minutes which is enough to kill over 90% of allmicrobes, bacteria & viruses.

We adviseextreme precaution to be taken when dealing with UV since Prolonged exposure (3minutes or more) to UV light is harmful. Human interference from the UV Towershould not be in the radius of 3 meters around the tunnel while it is inoperation. The personnel pushing trolleys through should wear full sleeveclothes, hand gloves and goggles to safeguard themselves from UV radiation.


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