The 150-strong and growing Millennium Technical Services team is trained by manufacturers to execute Installations/ Commissioning & Maintenance jobs and also to provide on-site customer orientation. Logistics forms a strong backbone to our product life cycle support and for this we have a logistics team for spares, warranty and service replacements. Our scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Daily Checks
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Maintain Inventory of parts
  • Reporting
  • Operational serviceability of over 97%

Our ISO certification ensures that our business practices remain to a high standard and are sustainable. Our processes help us recruit and support a highly professional and experienced team and helps us regularly monitor and react to customer feedback.

Millennium has established itself as a market leader in Aviation Ground Support Equipment market in India.

Through its association with world’s leading equipment manufacturers, Millennium has managed to retain a healthy market share and simultaneously introduce technologically advanced products for the very first time in India.

Today, under its Airport and Aerospace division, Millennium offers its customers with sound expertise and a diverse portfolio of aviation products such as Ground Support Equipment, Airport Infrastructure Equipment, Aviation Fuelling, IT Automation Systems, Aircraft Engineering and Tooling Systems, Aviation Consultancy Services, and Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Support.

Millennium provides complete package of equipment and services for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul stations. We can actively participate in large scale projects and can manage your requirements on turn-key basis. Through our association with reputed OEM’s of hangar infrastructure and equipment, we can assist your project right from designing of your hangar, selection of suitable equipment and systems, commissioning, and periodic service and maintenance.

Millennium has the rights to the Sell, Market, Supply, Install, Test, Commission and engage in Warranty Management and Product Life Support for more than 20 international principals in the Aviation and Aerospace Sector.

Millennium has a dedicated team that excels in providing quality lifecycle support to a customer. Our strength lies in a service network that spreads across all four corners of India, with strategic service outlets located at:


Through an extensive Worldwide Sales and Service network, TLD provides its customers a complete range of ground support equipment, designed and assembled in the groups industrial sites located on several continents.

Their customers include Airlines, Airports, Cargo Airlines, Ground Handlers, and Military organizations all around the world.

TLD offers a wide range of Ground Support Equipment, consistently reviewed by their engineering teams in order to assure evolution, meeting and adapting to their customers specific requirements. Performance as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs continuously drive their engineering efforts.

Products include Air Conditioning units, Air Starters, Apron Bus, Baggage Tractors, Belt Loaders, Catering Trucks and Derivatives, Conventional Aircraft Tractors, Ground Power Units, Lavatory and Water Trucks, Loaders, Maintenance Platforms, Military, Passenger Steps, Towbarless Aircraft Tractors, Trailers and Dollies, Transporters

TLD has been a partner with Millennium for over a decade.


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Millennium has been authorized to offer, sell and deliver Deutz genuine spare parts and provide technical services to users of Deutz engines in airport equipment.

Founded in 1864, Deutz AG is the world’s first engine company. Today, Deutz is still one of the world’s leading independent engine manufacturers. They offer a broad spectrum of liquid-cooled and air-cooled engines with capacities ranging from 25 kW to 520 kW, which are used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, aviation and ships.


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Hydro is the world's leading manufacturer of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) like Tripod jacks, Towbars, Axle jacks and Maintenance Tooling.

Hydro's global organization of more than 350 employees is fully committed to meet the demanding needs of the market with high quality products and outstanding service.

Hydro closely works with customers that are located in more than 170 countries to help them define and achieve their business and technical goals. Their far-reaching commitment to research and development, combined with the skills of well-qualified employees, ensures total customer satisfaction. This has been appreciated by more than 700 customers worldwide.

Axle Jacks, Tripod Jacks, Tow Bars, Tail Support Stanchions, Weighing and Testing Systems, Service Equipment, Landing Gear Equipment, Shoring Equipment, Engine Handling Equipment, Equipment for Nitrogen/ Oxygen Tyre and Brake Change, Proof Load Testing Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance Toolings.


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Shenzhen CIMC-TianDa Airport Support Ltd.(CIMC-TianDa) is one of the subsidiaries of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC).

It is a professional enterprise in the design, development, manufacture, installation, and maintenance services of airport & seaport equipment, modern automated material handling solutions and technology, and auto-parking systems.

Millennium provides Product Support & Service for the Passenger Boarding Bridges and has successfully worked on projects with CIMC – Tianda at multiple airports in India.


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Cobus is a world leader in design and manufacturing of low-floor apron coaches for airports.

In 1978 the very first COBUS went into service at Zurich International Airport and today, exactly this bus still transports many travellers across the apron. Its' life time of over 25 years and daily service is proof of the reliability of COBUS!

Its' extraordinary concept has made the COBUS the world market leader in a very short time. A Conbus model can be seen at nearly every airport worldwide. The flagship model, the COBUS 3000 is supplemented by the COBUS 2700S model. With just these two models of differing specifications the COBUS can accommodate every customer special wish.

Cobus ensures the most economical movement of passengers and therefore ensures shortest possible aircraft ground times and optimum utilization of airport facilities.


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Millennium has been authorized to represent and work with Pteris Global at various projects in India.

With over 150 airports logistics projects spanning across 6 continents and more than 40 countries, Pteris Global has proven track records to be the leading airport logistics provider in the provision of outstanding Airport Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) for international airports around the world.

Pteris works in close consultation with customers to design systems using sophisticated 3D simulation programs. Pteris believe that the key benefits of an intelligent handling is in its ability to identify and overcome capacity and bottleneck constraints, consideration of security and low operating and maintenance cost. Their system integration capabilities also extend to baggage handling system projects integrating 100% Hold Bag Screening systems, which cater to the stringent security environment of today's airports.


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Oshkosh is the global leader in the sale of high performance specialty trucks and truck bodies.

Oshkosh Corporation designs and builds the world's toughest specialty trucks and truck bodies and access equipment by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who use them.

Oshkosh Corporation is a U.S.-based global manufacturer with a significant manufacturing presence in the U.S., Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Oshkosh currently sells products in more than 130 countries around the globe.

Products include STRIKER Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle (ARFF), STINGER Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV), Mobile Command Posts, Mobile Command Patrol Vehicles, Mobile Medical Vehicles, and Communications Vehicles. The Striker range of ARFF vehicles from Oshkosh are considered as Porsche 959 of fire trucks!


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The largest provider of Ground Fuelling Products and Services worldwide for commercial and military aircraft and tanker refuelling, the AVERY HARDOLL and WHITTAKER Controls brand names are synonymous with fuelling equipment.

Both Avery Hardoll and Whittaker Controls command World-wide reputation for their simplicity in design, quality and long trouble free service life.

Team MILLENNIUM is proud to be associated with MEGGITT Fuelling Products as their Product Support and service providers for INDIA and SRILANKA.


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Part of the Illinois Tool Works Group headquartered in Chicago, AXA Power is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of 400 Hz and 28 VDC solid-state ground power units, known in the market for a reliable modular design, simple operation and a high level of flexibility.

AXA Power was founded in Denmark in 1924 and joined ITW in year 2000.


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Millennium is currently working with HAL and assisting them with their outsourcing programme.

Ongoing and future works include:

• Outsourcing of product support activities across multiple bases for HAL Aircraft Division (PTA Laksha, Hawk, Jaguar)

• Aircraft Painting work after major rework and overhaul (Su + MIG) – Nasik Division (HAL)

• AMC for GSE in Helicopter division (HAL) and product support for Helicopter MRO division


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Millennium is in exclusive representation agreement with Sage Parts International for their portfolio of aftermarket GSE spares for the Indian Territory.

Sage Parts is the world market leader in replacement parts for ground support equipment. Through their extensive inventory of GSE replacement parts, Sage Parts for over 50 years, has been an unparalleled supplier of GSE parts to a broad customer base including the largest international carriers to the smallest regional airlines as well as freight carriers, package companies, ground handling companies and many other aviation companies around the world. It strives continuously to offer services to its client by increasing the availability of every part used in GSE and is constantly increasing its inventory. Whether it be hoses for ACU or cable wire for GPU.

Millennium has remained a front-runner in Ground Support Equipment business in India and through its strategic partnership with Sage Parts, it now becomes the only company in India providing a 360 degree service portfolio right from the supply of GSE, spares and logistics support to long term service and maintenance support.


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KG Aircraft Rotables part of Kanematsu Aerospace is a subsidiary of the 123 year old Kanematsu Group headquartered in Japan

KG Aircraft Rotables specializes in the supply and repair of aircraft rotable components including component leasing and power by the hour support.

Millennium provides market consultancy to KGAR for its B737 Military support programs in India.

In addition Millennium is also assisting in the Landing Gear Overhaul Management program newly introduced by KGAR.


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Millennium is an exclusive distributor of KUNZ in India and provides all the local support like Installation, Commissioning and After Sales Support for their equipments.

Kunz Gmbh Aircraft Equipment, established in 1987, is the leading supplier of Aircraft Recovery Equipment and Aircraft Wheel and Brake Servicing Equipment. 

The use of KUNZ Aircraft Equipment lessens the downtime of the airport in case of any incidents and it also reduces the risk of secondary damage to recoverable aircraft to a minimum.

KUNZ has the expertise to plan, design and deliver complete production lines for Wheel and Brake service and overhaul, based on a state-of-the-art lean work flow concept.

Due to its recovery know-how and experience, KUNZ offers the wide range of specially designed Aircraft Recovery Equipment. Each equipment has been carefully designed and engineered to meet the airport and aircraft operator‘s requirements.

KUNZ sets standards with leading edge technology for aircraft wheel & brake service and overhaul. KUNZ Aircraft Wheel and Brake Shop Equipment is in use with all major airlines and MRO’s around the world. 


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Millennium has partnered with SACO Airport Equipment based in Mierlo, The Netherlands.

SACO Airport Equipment (SACO) is renowned worldwide as an experienced organisation which is specialized in the development, production and delivery of air cargo handling and storage systems.

Millennium will be providing installation, commissioning and operational expertise to SACO Airport Equipment B.V. for their range of air cargo handling and storage systems.

SACO's extensive portfolio is filled with solutions in the area of air cargo handling. Ranging from conveyor decks, truck docks, dolly docks, build-up break-down workstations, weighing systems, multi-level storage systems incorporating (elevating) transfer vehicles, to complex control systems and overall Material Handling Software and management IT-systems.

Millennium have sold an Air Cargo Handling System to MGH Group a logistics company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Millennium's team has provided in country Installation, Commissioning & Service Support to SACO in Dhaka for this project.

Millennium hadalsobeen involved in 24 x 7 Operations and Maintenance of the ETV Cargo System at NSCBI Airport, Kolkata.


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Aero-Boat is a new-generation air-cushion supported transportation vehicle made of light composite and plastics construction. It is equipped with automobile engines driving aviation derivative propellers.

Capable of moving over the surface of water, ice and land.Has excellent amphibious characteristics including water-skimming with a very thin layer of dynamic air cushion beneath. Unlike hovercrafts / hover boats, aero-boats (PT-04) are meant for surface – skimming instead of hovering. Surface skimming allows increased high speed navigation capability.

Aeroboats are available in the 8 seat and 12 seat varieties.


Tourism, River based transportation and operation both rural and urban, Ecological Monitoring, Leisure management / Water Sports, Coastal Monitoring, Surveillance and patrolling, Search & rescue Disaster Management, High-speed Amphibious Transportation.

Unique Features

1. Fully capable of operating during precipitation and even heavy precipitation, either rain or snowfall, and can withstand wave conditions of up to 1 meter.

2. Fully capable of operating in marshy (all levels), sticky soil, extremely low-draft, swamps, etc.

3. Can go up to 95 kmph speed on still surface with payload. When empty can touch up to 125-130 kmph on still surface.

4. Has a 1 Toyota 1 UZ series Engine: 300hp, V-Type, 8 Cylinders installed with AVIATION grade propellers. Both petrol and diesel variants are available and can be selected as per user's needs.

5. Anyone with basic knowledge of boat handling can be efficiently and quickly trained to captain the Aeroboat

6. Can carry Fuel up to 200 liters of Diesel/Petrol on board in standard version. Also possibility to install external/extra fuel cartridges on board.

7. Safety Features and emergency equipment can be installed with Satellite Navigation (GPS+GLONASS) and automated SOS Emergency relaying system/beacons. Fire-Extinguishing cartridges are installed. Internal cabin has got vibration and special amortization panels for making the air-cushioned ride ever more comfortable.

8. Internal decibel levels generally does not exceed 1.5-2 dB however special silencers in the engines can also be installed upon request.



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Aeropure UV Systems Pvt Ltd is focused on delivering solutions for air quality, based on Ultra Violet germicidal technology to the Indian and International Markets, with wide ranging applications in Indoor air quality, energy conservation of air conditioning systems and for Germicidal disinfection of Indoor Air and Surfaces.


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Blip System, improves the passenger journey by providing an easy to use tool for the airport managers to monitor, forecast and analyse passenger traffic and behavior within the overall airport area including external parking areas and taxi-lines using cutting edge technologies like range of sensors, Bluetooth and WiFi sniffers, infrared people counters, and such as ANPR cameras, loops and radars.Providing airports with visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency, to increase revenue and improve passenger experience.


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